Monday, August 18, 2014

In the Hunt Field at The Ridge Summer Spectacular

Colleen showed Praline in their first Hunter Derby on Sunday. It was a picture perfect day at The Ridge at Riverview's phenomenal show facility in Asbury N.J.  My husband always told me the girls were ringbound and couldn't ride like this when they were kids.  He can't say it anymore!  I love this picture for two reasons, the tails of her formal shad coat flying in the air and the awesome barn jump standards. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Baby Quilt for Leah's First Niece

These are the finished blocks for a baby quilt I'm making for my riding instructor Leah to give to her first niece who is due to arrive next week. She is extremely excited about the baby and very excited about the quilt.  She picked out the design and fabrics with guidance from me.  The offset blocks are a little out of my comfort zone but she chose them because they remind her of a tartan plaid.  She picked the focus fabric that I fussy cut for a wide variety of nursery animals.  Her plans are to use the motifs as a vehicle to tell stories with her niece when she gets older.  I love being part of making this amazing idea "materialize." The blocks will be sashed in white with a scrappy multicolor border.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Horse Showing at HITS Saugerties

My daughters showed again this summer at HITS Saugerties in New York State and were very happy with how they did.
Kelly and Grace in the Adult Hunter Division

Colleen and Praline in the 2'6 to 2'9" jumper division.  She got a 2nd and 3rd out of over 60 entrants.  Not bad for only her third horse show moving up to a higher division. Below are Col and MacDonwald watching other classes.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blue and White at the Beach House

I finished this strip pieced quilt in record time, only 3 weeks and it has now joined the kaleidoscope quilt in the "blue room" at the shore.  This is my new bedroom decorating strategy, my quilts are bed runners on solid quilts or coverlets.  I get to enjoy seeing them instead of having thm folded away in a closet.  Below is a picture of a quilt I bought last week at an antique show.  I have always loved double wedding ring quilts but I will probably never make one.  The colors on this one are very pretty and it is in very good condition.  The quilting is absolutely amazing!  I am in awe of whoever did this completely by hand.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gala Red Carpet Premier of "Leah and the Real Dog"

Leah, Nessa Rose and Hamish arrive on the Red Carpet

This past Monday night I attended the Red carpet premier of Leah Epstein's short film, Leah and the Real Dog.  It was held outdoors at The Ridge at Tewksbury and was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  The highlight of the evening for me was the formal attire on the canine star of the movie, Hamish MacDougal MacDuff.  It is difficult to see in the picture but he has on a kilt complete with formal jacket and miniature bagpipes!  My daughters and their husbands appeared in the movie as well as two of my granddogs, Wolfschmidt and MacDonwald.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Lightning Fast Blocks

This has to be a record for me, 63 blocks in only 3 days! They're all over lapping so its hard to see what they really look like.  Block A has a rectangle 4 patch in the middle and Block B has a large white rectangle in the center.  I tried to use alot of assembly line techniques and strip piecing ala Eleanor Burns.  I will always associate this quilt with 4th of July weekend and the Wimbledon men's final.  I thought Roger Federer would win in the beginning but sadly he lost.  I wonder what I will be working on during the U.S. Open!  I'm hoping to have this ready for the shore house by next week.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer Quilting for the Beach House

I have been collecting blue fabrics ever since I started quilting over 10 years ago.  I finally found something to do with them.  This quilt will be folded across the bottom of one of the twin beds in the "blue bedroom."  It is actually the master bedroom in the house but it has traditionally been where all the kids sleep.  It's difficult to see the overall pattern from the nine blocks I've made so far so I've posted the image from Google that inspired me.  I apologize if this is someone's original design but I don't know where I got it so I can't give them credit.  The thing I liked about the design was how inticate it looks, but it is relatively simple to constuct. It's only two simple bocks that can be strip pieced.